Amidst Covid19 stay positive in pregnancy

By:  Dr. Yash Bala On:  May 26, 2020 10:42 AM

The tiny microbe Corona has turned life upside down for the whole world; especially the health care sector.

Pregnant patients are always a big concern because two young lives are involved.

A new disease with barely known outcomes/varied presentations & unpredictable course has added on to the fears of the pregnant woman, her family & the doctors.

Taking clues from other related respiratory viral diseases, we can just extrapolate the outcomes.

Fortunately in India, the severity of disease has not been as bad as in the west, may be our early & extended lockdown has helped.

Sufficient to say: most important factors are to practice good hygiene & social distancing which has been emphasized time and again.

Lot of warm liquids, fresh high protein food, deep breathing exercises and positive thinking would help. Reading & listening to contradictory & negative reports is counter -productive.

Instead of reading about Corona, read some positive books, listen to soothing music, and indulge in exercises at home.

Do cooking, stitching, painting, gardening etc. whatever you enjoy. Physical activity, good diet & good thoughts improve immunity.

Because of changes in immunity: Pregnancy falls into High Risk category so we need to be extra-careful.

One very important word of caution: Ease of lockdown doesn’t mean that Corona risk has reduced: we rather have to me more cautious now

  • No baby showers
  • No shopping
  • No visits to parlors.

Let each one do what each one is trained for / expected to do.

Motherhood is to be enjoyed so stay happy, positive & follow your doctor’s advice.

Stay safe, stay strong, stay blessed.

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