Breast Feeding

By:  On:  February 13, 2017 5:01 AM

Breast Fed is the Best Fed


Breast milk is the ideal nutrition for your baby which is rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and antibodies in adequate quantity. Such is the beauty of mother nature that the quality and quantity of breast milk constituents changes with the age of baby. The nutrition needed by the baby at every stage is adequately provided.

Benefits of breastfeeding –

  • Ideal nutrition with perfect mix of nutrients
  • Hygienic
  • Better immunity in breastfed infants
  • Mother child bonding
  • Mother sheds the pregnancy weight efficiently
  • As a prevention of various cancers and metabolic problems in both mother and baby.

Myths –

  • Bland diet while breast feeding – There is no need to cut on certain cereals or turmeric or cabbage or kidney beans because grandma says. There is no proof that baby will be ‘gassy’ or may get loose stools or even refuse to feed at all.Not true as most of females in west and in urban set ups in India breastfeed successfully despite of consuming all types of food.  In case “nursing mother” still feels that baby is cranky anduncomfortable after certain food items taken by her then she can avoid eating that food and observe the baby for 2-12 hours.It should be done at least on two occasions . If found to be a proble then can avoid that food item.
  • Breastfeeding while lying down at night can cause ear problems in babies—

True to certain extent. The risk of aspiration increases in the baby. It is ideal to sit but one can feed the bay lying also. The important point here is to support the baby’s head while lying down so that gravity also aids in descent of milk down the baby’s throat while nursing.

  • Nurse every 2 hours round the clock –Not true at all as feeding always should be demand feeding .Your baby can get hungry at 1 hour also during active daytime when he is playful whereas baby may not require feed for several hours while sleeping at night. So watch your baby and not the clock.
  • Low milk supply then top feed your baby —False belief as firstly the lesser you feed, the lesser is the milk produced. Moreover leaking breast-milk is not at all an assurance of adequate quantity of milk. If the baby is sleeping fine with proper urine production then you are doing fine.
  • No periods means no pregnancy —False belief as though it is one of the most effective natural way of birth control it essentially is not an 100% effective method of contraception. Ovulation occurs before menses . A proper method of contraceptionis required even during lactationalamenorrhoea.
  • Heat application on engorged breasts – Not needed as heat is going to increase the milk production by increasing the blood supply so best is to apply ice packs and see the relief you get.


Bottom line stays that exclusive breast feeding till 6 months is of paramount importance for your baby.