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Bacterial vaginosis

By:  Dr. Umesh N Jindal On:  August 31, 2016 7:30 AM

Definition: Excessive vaginal discharge due to bacterial infection in vagina.


This infection is caused by a mixed type of bacteria which are present in the vagina. Low general resistance such as poor nutrition, hygiene, anaemia, diabetes, pregnancy, long term antibiotic use may predispose to this infection.


The infection may be silent or the women may complain of slightly increased vaginal discharge. In severe cases patients complains of excessive, irritating foul smelling discharge with a typical fishy odour. Silent vaginal infection during pregnancy may be a cause of preterm labour and intra-uterine infection.


Clinical examination by a gynecologist, culture of vaginal secretions and Pap smear are required.


Appropriate antibiotics are generally curative.


Improvement in general health, treatment of anaemia, diabetes etc. and personal hygiene can prevent this disease.