My child Birth celebrated as Daughter’s Day to me

Every year, the 4th Sunday of September is celebrated as Daughter’s day but the day 28th September,2014 (of course Daughter’s Day) would remain unforgettable for me and my family as I was blessed with twin daughters on this day, the precious gift of God to me.
Friends, I always wanted daughter, so I might be few among those whose wish comes fulfilled.
Along with ‘GOD’ I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Umesh N. Jindal and Dr. Nidhi Sharma (Chandigarh) who helped me alot to get the beautiful daughters of the world, the precious gift of ‘GOD’.
Today they turned two months old.

I also want to extend my thanks to my mom Om Lata Kalra and my sister Deepshikha and Geetanjali surely wife Reetu Kalra who always encouraged me foe Girl child.

Thank you.


Lovely gift that Almighty has bestowed upon us

Dear Dr. Jindal,

Today we have no words to express our gratitude to you and the entire staff at Jindal Nursing home for the lovely gift that Almighty has bestowed upon us through you. When we first approached you last years, we were fully of anxiety, doubts and were quite literally, stressed out. During the very first visit to your clinic, we both talked about the positive vibes that we immediately felt and had a very strong intuition that things will take now take a good turn.

We would like to make a special mention of Mrs. Sudha here, our counselor, whose maternal approach and empathetic listening strengthened our conviction that we were at the right place and were following the correct course of action. Ever since that first meeting, she has always been caring, supporting and genuinely concerned about the progress of our case.

Dr. Aditi, who handled our case for most of the duration, always came across as a warm and caring doctor. Her optimism and faith never failed to sooth our frayed nerves, and we shall always be indebted to her for successfully handling a few complications that across during the course of pregnancy. We are convinced that she has a great future, and many more couples will benefit from her expertise and excellence.

We are also very thankful to Dr. Sheetal Jindal, for taking over case midway and handling it to the best of her abilities. We should always remain into Dr. Anupam for personally overseeing Ranteg’s birth(we have already named him indeed). And all other doctors on your team have assisted in any capacity at any time. The entire nursing staff at the Jindal IVF and Nursing Home at your Center deserve a lot of praise and appreciation. We always found them to be cheerful, caring professional and sincere in their work. The boys in your canteen were always kind enough to cater to our dietary requirements and without their help, our stay in Chandigarh since last month, would have been very difficult.

Finally Madam, we are out of words to express our regards and appreciation for you personally. It was with your blessed hands that our pregnancy started, and it was under your able training your team our child has successfully seen this world. We also salute you for train team so well and inculcating such good values amongst your staff. Madam, we look at you as an instrument of God , since this is such a noble work that you are doing for humanity.
Kindly convey our feelings to your entire team. If we could ever be of any assistance to Jindal Nursing Home in any way in the future, we shall feel privileged to do our best.



Words cannot express the feelings of gratitude

Dear Dr. Jindal,
Words cannot express the feelings of gratitude and love we have in our hearts for you. You are like God for us or definitely one of his angels sent on the earth to relieve the pain and suffering of his people like us.
You were the one submit our hope and infused confidence in us. You have filled our hearts with unending joy and happiness.
We thank you immensely from the care of our hearts as you have made us the proud parents of our little angel “Sukhmani”.
Thank you.
May God Bless you with a long healthy life.


Given us a very Invaluable Present

We would like to thanks Dr. Umesh Jindal & especially Dr. Swati who have given us a very invaluable present in the form of our son “AVMAN”.
God has given you such an opportunity to fulfill people’s wishes and we are amongst one of them whose wish of a child has been fulfilled by you.

We owe our gratitude towards you.

Thanks for everything.


It is my immense joy to explain

Respected Umesh Mam,

It is my immense joy to explain that I have been blessed with twin sons on 22-11-2012.
I heartily thanks to “Dr. Umesh Jndal” and all her staff members who guided and attended us sincerely.
It was all their efforts, helping hands and skillful hands due to which our complicated case proved to be a simple task.

Thank You.

Anjali Verma