Message from the Director, Dr Umesh Nandani Jindal

It is a matter of great privilege to welcome you to Jindal-IVF – a centre ‘Where Efficiency and Ethics meet’ forms the cornerstone motto of the whole team. Here, we greatly value the services sought by our patients for their medical and reproduction problems and tend to provide solutions with utmost dedication using state-of- the-art technology at affordable costs. We recognize that the reproductive problems cause far more distress than the joy provided by successful reproduction. We direct our efforts to convert this distress into joy.

We are serving this region since 1989 and recently celebrated our 31st Foundation Day. Our services extend from normal consultations and ante-natal check-up to deliveries and post-natal care. The services include Caesarean section, gynaecological endoscopies and surgeries as required. We offer the programme ‘NURTURE’ especially for first-time mothers for a joyful motherhood.

We are pioneers in handling infertility and offering all kinds of Assisted Reproduction Techniques. The first Test-tube baby of this Centre born in 1996 is now a 26 year old girl eligible for her marriage. The scope of ART and IVF services at this centre includes Ovulation induction, Ovum pick-up and insemination, ICSI, TESE, blastocyst culture and other procedures decided as per needs of the couple. According to the Times of India ranking survey, our centre has been listed on the top consistently for the last several years among single-specialty centres in infertility, North of Delhi.

Our Genetic Counselling and Diagnosis centre provides service to distressed parents of children with known genetic disorders regarding the possibilities of potential genetic disorders and congenital anomalies. This is undertaken with most advanced genetic testing by a highly qualified team. Similarly, ‘Fertility-preservation’ technology is available for patients with cancers and other disorders under treatment with immunosuppressive drugs.

We also provide a limited spectrum of other medical and surgical services by our Visiting consultants who are all highly qualified and experienced. Please visit the website for more details and extent of facilities.

The team at Jindal-IVF is highly professional – trained and motivated.  We work on the principle of ‘Service for a Cause’. Besides clinical services, we are as much engaged in promotion of education and research in medical and health-care fields and regularly contribute scientifically to various professional Journals, scientific meetings and research projects. You can always approach us with your suggestions and grievances, if any.

With best wishes