We focus on quality mother and child care in an integrated and holistic manner. We have fully qualified pediatricians available who attend every delivery and make sure that the delivery is safe and joyous for both mother and child. We have a team of pediatricians on standby who take every care and precaution to ensure safe pregnancy and delivery.

Our pediatricians also take prenatal classes as part of the Nurture program, where they focus on issues related to mother care and baby health. During the delivery process, they are available to take care of any issues and do a full inspection and monitoring of all newborns to rule out any congenital problems. After delivery they are available for daily patient monitoring and vaccination.

We also offer other pediatric services as follows: Care of the new born including prematurity

  1. Well baby clinic
  2. Childhood vaccination
  3. Pediatric consultations for children’ problems – feeding issues, fevers, loose bowels and others