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The Pioneers (Since 1995)

Times Top IVF Centres in India Ranking Survey  2015

Times of India, 29th Jan 2016

  Jindal IVF and Sant Memorial Hospital Nursing Home, Chandigarh

North India (North of Delhi)                              1st

All India Ranking (Non Metro politan cities)           1st

The Pioneers (Since 1995)

We are the pioneers in IVF and ART in Chandigarh, with an experience of over 25 years. The centre was established by Dr. Umesh Jindal, who after extensive training in both India and the United States established the Gynae and Fertility research centre in December 1989 at  the Chandigarh Medical Centre  (CMC-17 Chandigarh)founded by late Dr. P.N. Chhuttani the former Director of PGI The Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research , Chandigarh. IVF was started at this center in 1995. The first IVF baby was born in 1996.



  • IUI-Intra Uterine Insemination
  • Donor Insemination Programme
  • Semen/Cryopreservation
  • IVF-ET (In Vitro Fertilization)
  • ICSI-Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection
  • ICSI with Testicular Sperm (TESE & PESA)
  • IVF with Ovum Donation
  • Surrogacy
  • Assisted Hatching
  • Embryo Cryopreservation

Fetal Medicine

Multifetal Pregnancy reduction


Triple Test

Dual Test

NT Scan

Choronic Villus Biopsy



We provide the facility of cashless hospitalisation for the following TPA members.

1. E. Meditek (TPA) Services Ltd.

2. Medi Assist India TPA Pvt. Ltd.

3. Vidal Health TPA Private Limited

4. Genins India TPA Ltd

5. Vipul Med Corp TPA Pvt. Ltd.

6.  MD India Healthcare (TPA) Service (Pvt.) Ltd.

7. Safeway TPA Services Pvt. Ltd

8. Universal Medi-Aid Services Ltd.

9. Reliance General Insurance Co. Ltd.

10. Happy Insurance TPA Pvt Ltd.

Neonatal Nursery
Attached with independent Neonatal ICU & premature Nurseries which are well equipped with ventilators and other facilities for the care of premature and low birth weight babies.

  • Mamta Clinic          : #1024, Sector-18 C, Chandigarh
  • Chaitanya Hospital : Site No. 1&2, Sector-44 C, Chandigarh
  • Cosmo Hospital      : Sector-62, Mohali, Punjab


  • Ultrasound     
  • Hysterosalpingography (HSG)     
  • Ovulation monitoring & ultrasound     
  • Hormonal assays
  • Biochemistry and Microbiolosy laboratory, collection center of Sehgal Clinical Laboratory which is situated within the campus.     
  • Other tests

24 hour Obs Gynae emergency by a team of dedicated qualified doctors. LSCS and all types of normal and complicated cases managed including Painless delivery, IUGR, premature delivery, multiple pregnancy, pre eclampsia, eclampsia etc. Also have facilities for amniocentesis and multifetal pregnancy reduction.

Genetic screening and testing : We do routine screening for genetic diseases and informations. The center is authorized to conduct amniocentesis.

In cases of multiple pregnancy we can do embryo reduction.




Prolapse repair

Tubal recannalization using microsurgery

Metroplasty/ Vaginoplasty




Mon-Fri                9.00 am- 3.30 pm
Sat                        9.00 am – 2.00 pm
Mon, Wed, Fri         Unit I
Tue, Thur, Sat         Unit II
Mon-Sat                 5.00 pm-7.00 pm
Mon, , Wed, Fri         Unit II
Tue, Thursday          Unit I

Sunday                 11.00 am- 1.00 pm
Consultant on duty
Sr. Resident on duty


Unit I

  • Dr. Umesh Jindal (MBBS,MD)
  • Dr. Yash bala (MBBS,MD,DNB)
  • Dr. Swati Verma (MBBS,DGO)
  • Dr. Nidhi Sharma (MBBS,MS)

Unit II

  • Dr. Umesh Jindal (MBBS,MD)
  • Dr. Yash bala (MBBS,MD,DNB)
  • Dr. Anupam Gupta (MBBS,DGO,DNB)
  • Dr. Sheetal Jindal  (MBBS, MD)

Sr. Residents

  • Dr. Tejinder Kaur (MBBS,MD)
  • Dr. Sonia Gupta (MBBS,DNB)
  • Dr. Juhi Goel (MBBS,MD)
  • Dr. Shikha Sardana (MBBS,MD)
  • Dr. Singh Monalisa ( MBBS,MD)
Operative Hysteroscopy

  • Tubal cannulation
  • Uterine septum resection
  • Submucous myoma resection
  • Lysis of intrauterine synechae
  • Polyp removal
  • Removal of retained IUCD
  • Bone chips etc.

Operative Laparoscopy

  • Endometriotic cysts
  • Ovarian drilling
  • Hydrosalpinx
  • Adhesions
  • Tubal ligation
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Dermoid cyst
  • LAVH
  • Myomectony.



Pioneers in IVF

First to introduce IVF in


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Our Hospital


 All rooms equipped with attached toilet, AC, telephone, TV and attendant’s bed. 

Canteen facility for meals and snacks available




  Operation Theatres   

Operation theatre 1 Obstetric Surgery

OT II Endoscopy

Complete Endoscopy Set up

Well equipped Labour Room

Labour Table




Air filtration system Class – 10,000

Forma Scientific USA and Hareus (Germany) CO2 incubator

K-System (Denmark)

Narishighe Micromanipulator with Nikon inverted microscope Japan

RI Micromanipulator (UK) with Olympus inverted microscope

Cryo- Cans

Cryofreezer (Australia)