Embryo transfer is the last but most important step in IVF (in-vitro-fertilization) cycle. Only up to this point embryo can be observed and modification in culture can be made. ET can be done on 2nd 3rd or 5th day after OPU (OPU day counted as day zero) depending on patient profile & protocol of the ART Centre. Instruction for patients before ET No Nail Polish, Lipstick, Perfumes & ornaments. Take light diet on day of ET. ET should be done with partially filled bladder for better visualisation of uterus on ultrasonography.

Instruction for patients after ET Medicine as advised: continue all the medicines as prescribed in proper dosage, route and timings –Mainly progesterone injection or progesterone vaginal tablet are given. Bed Rest – Plan to rest in bed for 2-3 hrs immediately following ET. Position you are in is of no consequence, pick any position that makes you comfortable. You may get up occasionally to use the bathroom and freshen up. Please avoid showers or baths. Try to be as relaxed as possible. VAGINAL REST- Nothing in vagina: no tampons, no sexual relations of any kind until otherwise specified. No hot tubs or swimming (pools, lakes, oceans) for two weeks. Showers are ok. No Heavy Lifting – nothing over 10lbs at a time. Avoid strenuous activities such as furniture moving, Weight lifting etc. No High – Impact Exercise – avoid high intensity exercise such as jogging, running step aerobics or jumping rope. Light to moderate walking and leisurely hiking is ok and may help you to feel well. No Alcohol – No alcoholic beverages or recreational drugs. No Smoking Minimize Caffeine – One or less daily caffeinated drink intake (coffee, tea, cola beverages) Avoid self-medication. Get Adequate Rest – do not get overtly fatigued. Balanced Diet – eat and drink a well – balanced, notorious diet.

 Remember to include plenty of fruits to avoid constipation, which may be caused by progesterone. Do Not Panic – Remember that mild cramping and or a small amount of pink, dark red or brown Vaginal spotting are normal following embryo transfer for up to two weeks, sometimes longer.Post Embryo Transfer Schedule for follow up – Serum BHCG report days after ET (Preferably prior to 11:30 am) Looking for Expert Advice on Embryo Transfer? Get in Touch with Jindal IVF today