International Patients

Planning for IVF/ ICSI in India at our center

Jindal IVF is one of the leading IVF clinics for international patients in India and especially North India, Chandigarh. Here, we have IVF cycles going on through out the year . You can contact us anytime for enrollment in the next expected cycle. For enrollment in the IVF program, you can contact the center through email, telephone or through a local contact person. The contact details are as follows: 0172-4911100, +91 9418127128.

Some helpful points:
  • Prepare a detailed medical history include use of oral contraceptives, hormones and previous pregnancies or fertility treatments, etc. and bring it along.
  • Make sure your travel arrangements are confirmed are clear and leave adequate time for additional tests or procedures.
  • Chandigarh has a three distinct seasons – hot summers, monsoons and cold winters. Summers last from March to end of June and are extremely hot and dry. The monsoons arrive at the end of June and last till early or mid October and are the time of extreme rain. From late October, the winter months start and last over the turn of the year till end of February. The winters are mostly pleasant except for one to two weeks of near zero tempratures, though it does not snow.
  • Chandigarh is well planned city with wide roads and good transport options, for local, domestic and international travel. Local transport options include three wheelers, local cabs, Uber and bus. Jindal IVF is conviniently located in the center of the city with good access to all transport options.
  • There are a wide variety of staying options available, from budget accomodation to 5 star properties, all near the centre.
  • Get a confirmation from us for enrollment in IVF before you book your tickets. You may need to get some tests done at your local laboratory before coming her.

In case of donor cycle the menses date of the donor and recipients have to be adjusted, timed. However this can be easily done.

First visit

The first visit should be at least 8-10 days before the menses. During this periods pending tests are done and some injections may be given to control the menstrual cycle. Mostly injection are started from D1 of menses. The total duration of stay in these cases varies from 15-30 days.

Total duration of stay

IVF procedure is done 12-15 days after the start of injections and pregnancy test is done after another 14 days. The safest period to travel during pregnancy is either during very early pregnancy or in the 4th or 5th month.

Male partner is required only on the day of retrieval of eggs which is intimated well in advance usually a week to 10 days. A frozen sample  stored during a previous visit, can also be used in subsequent visits.

Total visits to Hospital

Other than one day admission required for ovum pick up and embryo transfer day, 3-5 OPD visits are required for monitoring the response to injections.

Why Jindal IVF Center?

Jindal IVF is the pioneer center for infertiliy management and IVF treatments in North India with a long established reputation of being the best centre in the region. Our centre was incorporated in 1989 and we have successfully cured thousands of infertiliy patients with over 12000 IVFs alone done at the center.

  • High success rate at par with international standards
  • Our USP- Excellence with ethics
  • All latest techniques are available with us in IVF / ICSI
  • Training center for IVF and infertility
  • Donor sperm or eggs can be arranged from similar ethnicity.
  • Homely atmosphere with social support of family can be combined with a visit to family friends and sight seeing.
  • Separate clinics run for fertility presentation, PGD/PGS, recurrent implantation failure and male infertility.

The Government of India has an online visa application portal for facilitating medical eVISA. The link is as follows –

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