USG Workshop ISAR 2007

USG Workshop ISAR 2007 – 11th Feb, 2007

Destination: PGIMER, Chandigarh

Scientific Program 28th January 2001 Highlights

The ultra sound workshop was a live demonstration of diagnostic and intervention sonography, Color Doppler, 3D and 4 D. Ultrasound workshop was held in Lecture Theatre 1 of PGIMER, Chandigarh on 11th February and nearly 250 delegates attended. International faculty included Prof. Asim Kurjak (Croatia), Dr David Adamson (USA), Dr Ariel Weissman (Israel), Dr Gordon Baker ( Australia). National Faculty included Dr S Suresh(Chennai), Dr Narender Malhotra (Agra), Prof Lakhbir Dhaliwal (PGIMER Chandigarh), Dr Kuldip Singh (Delhi), Dr Sonal Panchal (Ahmedabad), Dr Kamini Rao (President ISAR, Bangalore), Prof. Sunesh Jain (AIIMS, Delhi), Dr Mala Arora (New Delhi), Prof. Geeta Radhakrishnan (G.T.B. New Delhi), Prof. Manju Puri (LHMC Delhi), Dr Ladbans Kaur (Chandigarh), Dr Baljit Kaur (Chandigarh), Prof. Sarla Malhotra (Chandigarh), Dr Sushma Chawla (Jalandhar), Prof.Kala Vasishta (Chandigarh), Dr Umesh Jindal(Chandigarh), Dr Radhika (PGIMER,Chandigarh), Dr Anupam Lal (PGIMER,Chandigarh), Dr Neerja Chawla (Chandigarh) and Dr Mangla Dogra (Chandigarh).
Session I was dedicated to infertility problem to evaluate the changes which occur in ovaries and uterus in response to hormonal changes due to ovulation inducing drugs. In addition to follicular studies, ultrasound can diagnose presence of other diseases which may be the cause for infertility like fibroids, endometriosis and inflammatory masses. Assessment of these pathologies, tubal patency and opening of blocked tubes were shown to the delegates.
Session II was dedicated to Sonoembryology. Early pregnancy complications are more common in patients who conceive after infertility treatment like ectopic pregnancy, multiple pregnancies, abortions and congenital malformations. The delegates were taught how to detect malformations in the fetus. In addition ultrasound guided procedures like amniocentesis and cordocentesis to evaluate amniotic fluid and fetal blood were demonstrated.
Session III Last session was to solve the diagnosis in difficult Gynae cases with the help of ultrasound and colour Doppler. The Gynae cases with pelvic masses were shown and differential diagnosis discussed. Ultrasound evaluation and blood flow to testes and prostate of men with infertility was also be demonstrated.

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