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Andros Diagnostics is a dedicated, state of the art, male infertility lab in Chandigarh. With the latest WHO approved equipment and complete semen analysis by CASA or computer assisted semen analysis, we provide complete diagnostic information. We are the one and only center in North India to be providing such advanced information about male infertility and semen analysis. Details like DNA fragmentation, ROS, etc. are not provided in routine semen testing, while you can get the complete package here at Andros Diagnostics in Chandigarh.

Infertility has always been a sensitive and straining issue for couples. Many studies show that 15 to 20 percent of people within reproductive age have some level of infertility. It is considered that the causes of infertility can be attributed to either the male or female partner each 50% of the time.

It may be surprising to many since a lot of us think infertility is primarily the cause of women being infertile, but that’s not always the case. The only real difference is that detection of male infertility is much harder than that of female infertility.

Early signs of male infertility

  • Difficulties with Ejaculation & Orgasms: Known as “ejaculation disorder” in the medical world, this issue at the core suggests that ejaculation isn’t normal. So, the ejaculate  volume is low or happens rarely or  hampered due to erectile dysfunction.
  • Varicocele of the testicles: Abnormal swelling of the veins that appear in the testicles is called varicocele. This leads to lower sperm count and affects 10 to 15% of men within the reproductive age group. Some common signs are lumps on the testicles, dull pains, swelling, and being able to see large inflamed veins. This condition can be corrected through surgery in most situations.
  • Low sperm count: In healthy fertile men, sperm counts range from  20 million and 150 million. In case of  male infertility, the sperm count falls below 15 million sperm for every milliliter of semen. This needs to be tested in male infertility lab with proper equipment.
  • Dropped Libido & Other Hormones: Men produce a naturally large amount of testosterone which is a hormone linked to libido (aka the sex drive).So, if men have a change in their sex drive which isn’t related to external events (like stress from tragic events or longer working hours) it could be a sign of male infertility.


Male infertility treatment can be a rewarding process. By understanding the causes and treatments and interacting with a good  doctor you can figure out if you are fertile or not. It is important to register with a good male infertility center so that proper treatment can be given. Visit our center Jindal IVF is one of the best centers in Punjab and the whole of North India in the treatment of male infertility.

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