When it comes to finding the best infertility clinic it is important to ensure that all the relevant tests are completed prior to having any treatment. With having all the tests, you will be able to determine best what treatment is best suited and will be prepared for a full treatment if required. When looking for clinics, look out for fertility clinics that are not limited to just one treatment option, such as IVF, but many more.

Infertility specialists are professional and competent in their roles in treating and guiding their patients and will ensure that they leave satisfied. However there are many important factors to look out for from a fertility treatment centre that will prepare you and not waste your time.


It is important to be comfortable and confident when seeing an infertility specialist that will be open and honest and vice versa. When speaking with fertility specialists ensure that they are communicating with you professionally and informatively so that you understand everything and can communicate back to them with any concerns or problems that you may have as that is truly important.

Having good communication with the specialist and knowing that they will be communicating with you every step of the way, is a good indicator that they will be meeting your requirements as they can listen and understand your needs.


It is important to investigate the process of the infertility treatment  centers to ensure that they have a set process in place for certain steps that need to be taken, such as a range of broad tests that are done properly and not rushed, such as x Rays and a diagnosis.

They must be doing an examination and diagnose before even considering treatment. A good starting point is to ask them if they can provide a uterine x ray also known as hysterosalpingogram that is able to provide a valid test to work from.

Hormone tests are also crucial to perform as well as scans that are detailed to ensuring there are no further problems that could cause issues during treatment if not seen before. Taking note of the costs of these tests is also recommended.


When looking to find the best fertility clinic it is recommended to see what treatments they offer, as some clinics may not offer full spectrum treatments and may only be limited to one specific treatment, whereas it might be beneficial to find a long term clinic with a varied option of treatments, given that one fails there is always alternative options that can be considered and there is a more chances for a patient rather than having to switch to another clinic as they could not offer any other treatments.  The two basic services which are often missed out are ICSI(Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) and embryo freezing.


Costs is an important factor when finding an infertility clinic. Make sure that they match with your budget and value for money with what you want to specifically gain from the treatment. Many clinics may use drugs or offer them additionally therefore it is important to know about all the costs involved especially for tests and consultations that may be needed for after care.

Experience and word of mouth

A centre which has been working for a long time in the field and has credible reports from patients as well as doctors can be relied upon.