Infertility is a condition that is devastating for couples who figure it out eventually that one of them is infertile. As for the reasons of infertility they can be numerous. For women, generally, infertility issues only increase with age.

But the only way to find out for certain is by visiting a Infertility treatment center even if you have not tried actively for fertility so far.

That being said, there are some common signs and symptoms out of simply aging that you can do at home to check.

Lack Or Painful Periods

For women in particular periods are part of living when not pregnant. The average woman’s cycle overall is 28 days. Some times it’s longer, but concern rises when a woman is unable to tell when her next period might arrive. Furthermore when they do arrive if they experience any kind of pain like cramps or even if they haven’t gone through a period in months, that is some cause for concern.

In those kinds of situations you may want to check with one of the infertility specialist Chandigarh clinics.


For both men and women, pain in lower abdomen is another sign of infertility. When it comes to women, pain tends to stem from the act of sex itself. Many women experience painful sex their entire lives and think that it’s normal, when in reality it’s not. Pain during sex for women could mean a number of things from hormone issues to perhaps issues that can contribute to infertility.

For men, the pain is not actually from sex but more from pain from the testicles. Furthermore any kind of swelling as well in that area could be something that contributes to infertility too.

Again, the best way to be absolutely certain of this is to go to an infertility clinic Chandigarh and conduct some fertility tests to see.

Erections & Ejaculations

The last sign is for the men only and that is problems getting an erection and even ejaculating too. With erections, the ability to get an erection and maintain it stems from his hormone levels. Any sign of reduction in hormone levels could be a sign he is having fertility issues.


Infertility is a troubling thing and there is a moderate chance of it coming up. Overall, female infertility is to blame 40% of the time while for men it ranges to 30 to 40. Combining the two, fertility issues come up around 20 to 30% of the time.

But not all hope is lost if you are diagnosed with infertility or you are worried you are infertile. With the medical field continuing to grow and make advancements there are other ways to conceive now more than every before. Take some time to check in with a Infertility specialist Chandigarh clinic and discuss your options.