There have been many causative agents that have been discovered over the years that cause male infertility but none so much as the agent that we are going to talk about in this article. Cigarettes, these harmful and toxic materials not only brings you closer to your own death but also ensures that your future generation can never see the light of the day. The harmful effects of cigarette smoking on fertility has been proved time and again and it is time that people accept it as a leading factor in male infertility rates.

These highly addictive chemical substances damage every organ in your body, some directly and others indirectly. This poisonous substance is the leading cause for many ailments in our body and due to recent researches, cigarettes has been proved to be one of the major causes in male infertility. Given below are some of the effects of cigarette smoking on fertility and especially on the sperm-

1. Sperm Concentration – This refers to the total amount of sperm in a particular sample. Studies have shown that there has been a 23 percent decrease in sperm concentration in males who smoke regularly thereby connecting smoking and male infertility rates.

2. Sperm Morphology – In order for the sperm to travel through the uterus and the fallopian tubes to reach the egg, they need to be properly shaped. A correct morphology protects them from the environment inside the female reproductive system and allows them to properly penetrate into the egg and fuse with them. Researchers have found out that the people who smoke regularly has a greater number of unhealthy sperms in them that increases the chances of male infertility rates.

3. Sperm Motility – In order for the sperm to correctly propagate oneself through the uterus and into the fallopian tube and then fuse with the egg, they need to have proper swimming capabilities. Only then can they travel through this environment to reach its designated area. Studies have shown that people who smoke regularly have sperms that are not fully motile. This increases the chances of infertility in that person.

4. Sperm DNA – A correctly formatted DNA is required for the proper functioning of the sperm. Researches have shown that males who smoke regularly have sperms that contain fragmented DNA particle. This leads to the formation of mutated sperms or infertile sperms that lead to many complications like inability to fuse with the egg, complications in pregnancy and increased chances of miscarriage during pregnancy to name a few.

5. Bad Hormones – A proper hormone concentration is needed in the body for the production of good sperms. Researches have shown that people who smoke has a hormonal disbalance in their body that leads to increased infertility rates in a person.
If you are addicted to cigarette it is better if you go see a therapist or talk to some of your friends or family members that can help you recover from this addiction. This dangerous substance is not only killing you but also endangering your loved ones.

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