This is the very first question that pops into the mind of infertile couples who go through In Vitro Fertilization IVF Treatment.

Having a baby is one of the most heartfelt desire of every couple. Infertile couples who can’t have a baby naturally opt for various Standard Assisted Reproductive Techniques and IVF is one of them where egg from female partner is fertilized with sperm of male partner in the laboratory and the embryo thus formed is implanted into female womb or surrogate womb.

Listed below are some of the safety factors of IVF Pregnancy:

1. IVF involves low risk to patients
Of all the Infertility Treatments available, IVF involves low risks to patients. When you decide to have an IVF treatment at a Fertility Clinic, sustainability tests are performed, embryo screening is done to ensure successful pregnancy in the candidates and proper planning is done before jumping onto any conclusion.

2. Babies are born from intended DNA
Female eggs and and Male sperm can be used to fertilize the embryo outside the female body. Unless donor sperms are used, the baby born with IVF treatment will have same DNA as of its parents.

3. Babies born are Normal
Babies born from IVF have a similar low rate of birth defects as babies born naturally. Also, studies shows that IVF babies are emotionally attached to their parents, well adjusted, socially and mentally active just like natural ones.

4. High rate of conception
IVF Pregnancy has High rate of conception as compared to other infertility treatments. If necessary, multiple IVF cycles can be performed to increase the chances of pregnancy.

5. Low rate of miscarriages
Miscarriages usually occur due to genetic abnormality i.e maternal health problems, infections or hormonal problems which causes body to terminate the baby naturally. With IVF pregnancy treatment, there is least chance of miscarriages.

Some common risks in IVF:
1. IVF Pregnancy involves high chances of multiple babies
2. Side effects like OHSS (Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome symptoms) can occur
3. Cost Of IVF Treatment is high

IVF Pregnancy is highly effective and a safe option if you continue to take good care of your health and enjoy the mommy-to-be process.

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