By:  IVF Chandigarh On:  November 1, 2018 7:08 AM

Infertility or the inability to get pregnant is a problem which is on the rise. The ever rising stress levels along with the widespread prevalent pollution, whether in the air we breathe or the food we eat coupled with the rapidly changing lifestyle of people are the possible causes of the above.

Infertility, while being a painful condition to deal with for all couples affected does carry a particularly gloomy forecast for those living in remote areas. Medicine has evolved with time and today a large majority of infertility cases can be managed successfully leading to pregnancies. But these advanced treatment options are unfortunately available only at the more established cities presently. The government hospitals generally lack even the basic infertility management facilities thus couples residing at the more interior and remote areas do not have access to most of these services, which makes their plight even worse.

There are some factors which complicate the issue further-like the fact that unlike other diseases success in infertility treatment is strongly related to the age of the couple and the woman, in particular. Delaying treatment affects the chances of getting pregnant later on even in expert hands. Another common issue we encounter is with these cases getting ruined by unwarranted and improper treatment at the remotely placed small clinics lacking expertise with such cases. A relatively easy case becomes unnecessarily complicated with the years of delay and improper treatment often making us resort to extreme methods for success once the couple reaches out to us. A badly done dilatation and curettage surgery leading to infection spreading to the fallopian tubes and ultimately necessitating an IVF procedure is a glaring example of the same. This invariably leads to frustration and bitterness creeping in the affected couples. The reluctance of these couples to come to larger cities owing to logistical issues is common however the importance of urgency in seeking out proper care under experienced clinicians backed by cutting edge technology can never be over emphasised in this scenario. It just involves resolve and commitment from the patients in reaching out to us, before its too late.

We, at the Jindal IVF clinic, have large experience in dealing with many such couples coming from the interiors of Haryana and Punjab and especially the remote and far flung areas of Himachal Pradesh. The difficulty in travelling from long distances staying at a relatively unknown city for long periods during the course of treatment is all well known to us. Appropriate arrangements to take care of all these issues are available with us to make the treatment as convenient and warm, as possible for these couples.