The IVF process is both an expensive and stressful process for a lot of people, however tips and hints of what to do prior to entering an IVF center in Chandigarh can make a huge difference.

The thing is, when you apply the tips we are share in this article, we’re going to double the IVF success rate for you.

Step 1 – Detox

Whenever you visit any IVF treatment hospital, certain tests are advised to assess the exact treatment required.
When you detox, you are bringing your body back to its natural state. You are removing toxins that have been built up in your body which can impact the test negatively.

So just relax and indulge in activities you like e.g. jogging, singing or dancing.

Step 2 – Nutrition

The detox shouldn’t take very long. But it should lead into a diet that can boost your success rate. Balanced diet helps in producing good quality eggs and sperms during treatment.

Step 3 – Acupuncture

Some specialists proclaim this by reducing stress, enhance ovarian functions along with increasing the blood supply in reproductive organs.

Step 4 – Having Sex

During IVF procedure, many fertility clinics may not recommend this, we certainly recommend. In many cases when the IVF journey begins, sex goes out the window. But sex is a feel-good factor for parents. It can help in relieving stress amongst other things.

Step 5 – Things the Women Should Do

This step is focusing more on what the ladies should do and that is taking a good quality multi-vitamin. For the best results a vitamin that contains all the following is best: Vitamins, A, B, C complex, and E, magnesium, zinc, selenium, iron, and finally Co-enzyme Q10. Furthermore having pills or foods with high amounts of Folic acid will help in preventing neural tube defects.

Step 6 – Plan For The Wait

After your transfer, you are spending a lot of time waiting. Two weeks of waiting for the implantation to happen in fact. In this particular step it’s important to plan, but also approach this two week period in a different light.

Medically speaking, it doesn’t make a difference how you feel during those two weeks, stressed or positive. But common sense would say that stress certainly doesn’t help things at all. So do yourself a favor and plan out the next two weeks and make the best of them by joining some relaxed hobby like knitting or painting or pottery making.

Step 7 – Things The Men Should Do

For men it’s pretty simple, stay cool. Things like hot baths, steam rooms, Jacuzzis, and long distant cycling have all been linked to lowering sperm quality. So refrain from this. Furthermore, men should be drinking at least 2 liters of water a day. Dehydration is a known culprit for dampening sperm quality.

As for vitamins, ideally speak to a qualified nutritionals about an ideal multi-vitamin to take. Also make sure that if you’re on medication, you check with your doctor first before taking any multi-vitamins.

Step 8 – Exercise

The ideal body mass index for a woman should be between 20 and 25. Anything higher than that will have an effect on hormone levels. Also note that when you start the IVF treatment cycle you want to avoid strenuous exercises such as Pilates and pushups..

Step 9 – Talking To One Another

Guys sometimes have difficulties conveying their feelings at times, but they can feel how much you feel as well. During this step you want to make sure you spend time talking about this. For men, a lot of times it takes men to process everything that’s going on and that’s alright. The idea here is to let them be and talk it out later.

This is simply how guys are by nature so don’t think of it as them being uncaring or distant. They care. Deeply.

Step 10 – Avoid Smoking & Alcohol

The last step is a given, but it’s still an important one to note as well. Any kind of smoking at all can put a damper on the quality of both sperms and eggs. Furthermore drinking in excess can lead to lower quality sperm as well. Studies have shown lower pregnancy rates in couples when the man drinks over 10 units per week.

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