In our previous article you have read about The first IVF test tube baby – “Louise Brown”, born healthy on 25 July 1978 after her parents underwent this procedure to fix the mother’s failure to conceive. In November of 1977, with the aid of physiologists Robert Edwards and Patrick Steptoe, the procedure went ahead despite numerous ethical concerns and lack of research funds at Dr Kershaw’s Cottage Hospital, which in effect became the first test tube baby center.

Though there are number of factors that might affect in IVF success rate. Below are some of the IVF Success factors which couple should consider for before going for IVF treatment:

Fertility Issues: Depending upon the gender, there may be multiple issues in a couple, e.g: in women – Blocked fallopian tubes, PCOS, endometriosis and in Men, Motility, low sperm count, Morphology which can be managed via IVF, but some issues like: Uterine abnormalities or ovarian dysfunctions require surgeries or other programs and cannot be tackled via simple IVF procedure. Thus depending upon the issue couple should go for infertility treatment recommended by their doctor

Lifestyle: Other important factor is type of lifestyle today generation is having. Habits like stress, excessively smoking, unhealthy food reduces the chances of conceiving. Women who are underweight or overweight also have less chances as compared to the women who have good BMI.

Previous Pregnancy issues: Chances for successful IVF for those women are higher who were pregnant before and carried baby to the term as compared to the women who have miscarriages. In such issues, advance ART technique may help.

Age: Most prominent factor in women for successful IVF is AGE. Women having the age range between 24 – 35 is consider best time to opt for IVF as this age they are at their peak of fertility. As they age increase chances of success ratio decline due to quality of women’s eggs reduce.

IVF fertility clinic: Before initiating the process, couple must consider the IVF Clinics Treatment and should know about their facilities. Number of factors like: Clinic standards, environment and experience of the specialist (embryologists), play a vital role in success of IVF. Though results are coming good for many people but its highly recommended to consult specialize doctors before moving forward.

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