Infertility is growing at a rapid pace nowadays because of the stress and strains of modern life. Ongoing research in the field of infertility has made it possible to deliver a multitude of services to these childless couples. There are many options available that can help and treat these complex cases like in absolutely nil sperm count and blocked fallopian tubes where natural chances of conception are negligible. It is important to find an infertility clinic that can offer such treatment options, like surgical sperm retrieval,  use of donated eggs/sperm, surrogacy and help the patients to choose the right path of treatment.

Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI) :-  IUI also known as, intrauterine insemination is a simple treatment that consists of obtaining sperms  from semen via ejaculation and injection into a woman’s uterus directly to facilitate meeting with egg and thus increases chances of conception manifold.

The process is a great option that is inexpensive compared to other treatments like IVF and is simple enough with great results in patients with PCOD and unexplained infertility.

The treatment is often used in cases where there is a low sperm count, but it can help with other issues such as PCOD, unexplained infertility, hostile cervical condition, and ejaculation dysfunction. IUI is not recommended for woman with blocked fallopian tubes and severe endometriosis.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) :- IVF is a reproductive technology that assists all the stages of formation of a successful embryo (earliest stage of baby formation in womb) via extracting eggs, collecting a sperm sample and adding the egg and sperm in a test tube in a laboratory which is done manually and carefully (also called as Test Tube Baby).

After this the embryo is taken into the uterus and where it implants (attaches) leading to very high chances of successful pregnancy.

IVF can accommodate patients who have serious issues such as males with low sperm count and/or sperm motility or in blocked or damaged fallopian tubes in women. For woman specifically, ovulation disorders, uterine fibroids and premature ovarian failure can all be treated with IVF with a lot of expertise.

Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) :-  ICSI also known as Intracytoplasmic sperm injection which means injecting sperm directly into eggs that have been extracted from the semen after ejaculation or directly from testis. ICSI is a process in which the egg that has matured is held with a specific pipette, and a sharp needle is then used to steady and pick up the sperm which is then slowly inserted into the egg and through the cytoplasm of the egg.  It helps in forming a good embryo in patients who have had problems in fertilization, very poor sperm count or in surgically obtained sperms directly from testis.

Surgical sperm retrieval

It is a major breakthrough in the treatment of male infertile population with no sperms in semen sample

These patients previously had no option except donor sperms.

Such Azoospermic (no sperms in semen) men can have baby with their own sperms by taking out sperms from their testis directly through a simple surgery. This surgery has no effect on sexual drive, masculinity or routine work. Patient can be discharged within 4-6 hours of surgery which is painless and safe.