An Overview of various Endoscopy Procedures in Chandigarh

Endoscopy is a nonsurgical procedure and used to examine a person’s digestive tract. A process where your doctor with use of endoscope (a flexible tube with light and camera attached) checks your digestive tract and can watch it on color TV monitor.

Why Endoscopy? Depending upon your specific symptoms, your doctor might recommend you for endoscopy examination to check and verify some of the following conditions of digestive tract:

  • Digestion Issues
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Stomach Pain
  • Ulcers, gastritis
  • Continuing Constipation
  • Growth in Colons

Today we will be educating you with different types of Endoscopy procedures maintly:

  1. Basic Endoscopy Procedure
  2. Gynaecological Endoscopy
  3. Laparoscopy
  4. Hysteroscopy


Basic Endoscopy Procedure

After the examination of a patient using endoscope, and understanding the type of issue the patient is having the doctor will recommend endoscopy procedure to cure the illness. The procedure envolves using endoscope which passes through the mouth and throat into the esophagus. This allows the doctor to view the stomach, esophagus, and the upper part of the patient’s small intestine.

In some cases, the endoscope will be passed into the large intestine which is also called the colon through the rectal area and this is used to examine this area of the intestine. This procedure used to call a colonoscopy or a sigmoidoscopy. The doctor may want to take a biopsy in some cases if they feel that cancer may be present or developing.

Gynaecological Endoscopy

The term at time is also referred to as “gynae endoscopy”. Gynaecological endoscopy is a surgical process done to diagnose the most frequent female disorders via using optical instruments. This procedure looks at the reproductive system of a woman to determine if there are any problems.  Thanks to all latest technologies and modern medicines which allows the process with minimum surgical procedures and can be done quickly with possibly no side effects. This allow patients to recover soon and get back to the work. Gynaecological endoscopy uses laparoscopy and hysteroscopy for this purpose.



A surgical diagnostic procedure used to examine the organs inside the abdomen with instrument called a laparoscope (long & thin tube with a high-intensity light and a high-resolution camera at the front) is inserted through an incision in the abdominal wall, and the camera sends images to a video monitor, where doctor can see the inside of your body without any surgery. With Laparoscopy treatment, your doctor can check the conditions of – appendix, liver, pancreas, stomach, small and large intestine, gallbladder. It is highly recommend to get laparoscopy done from certified doctors to minimize the risk involve in the procedure.


A procedure used to examine the inside of the uterus with the help of hysteroscope (a narrow telescope with a light and camera at the end). It is passed into patient’s womb through vagina and cervix and allow your doctor to see and diagnose the the images of your inside womb that are sent to a monitor. Your doctor might recommend you to go hysteroscopy process to investigate symptoms like: heavy periods, unusual vaginal bleeding, recurring miscarriages, pregnancy difficulties

Endoscopy Centers in Chandigarh

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