Endometriosis is a disorder in which tissue that line the uterine cavity normally, grows outside the uterus. It can grow over ovaries, fallopian tubes, other pelvic organs like urinary bladder and rectum. It is presumed that in endometriosis some of the menstrual blood flows backwards through the fallopian tubes which makes chocolate cysts in ovaries. Fallopian tubes, uterus, urinary bladder and rectum can get stuck to these ovarian cysts forming big pelvic masses. These bigger masses in lower abdomen can initiate various problems like severe pain abdomen during menses, painful intercourse, pain during urination and passing stool.

How to diagnose
Endometriosis can be diagnosed with ultrasonography. Its treatment depends on severity of symptoms and age of woman. If woman suffering from endometriosis has completed her family, she can be given medicines or hormonal intra uterine device can be placed into uterus control the symptoms.

Young married women with endometriosis should be encouraged to plan their pregnancy without any delay. Women with early endometriosis can become pregnant without any treatment. If ovaries and tubes are badly damaged then it can cause infertility also.  Treatment for pregnancy should be started as early as possible. Treatment could be IUI or IVF depending upon how bad is condition of ovaries. Chances of getting pregnant are very good if treatment is started early. Surgical treatment is not required in every patient. If ovarian cysts are too big then only surgery is required.

Oocyte freezing for endometriosis
Unmarried women suffering with bad endometriosis can get their Oocytes frozen for future pregnancy. As endometriosis is progressive diseases and associated with menstruation, it can remain active till menopause is achieved. Women of any age group suffering with endometriosis should be under regular follow up with their doctor to keep their problem under control.