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Even the kids of the richest man of India are born through IVF. Yes, you read that right, Isha Ambani & Akash Ambani – Star kids of Muskesh & Nita Ambani were born with the process known as IVF – In-vitro-Fertilization also known as test tube baby.

Wondering how we know that?

Isha Ambani in an interview talked about her and Akash being IVF babies. She said that her parents had them after seven years of marriage. Her mother Nita Ambani didn’t concieved them through normal pregnancy but through the IVF procedure. “Both Aksah & I were IVF babies”, quoted Isha Ambani.

That’s the power of IVF. When wanna be parents due to any reason can’t concieve normally, IVF can be life saviour & life giving at the same time.

We at Jindal IVF feel proud to know that people are getting aware of IVF process & how it can change their life. The IVF process is safe & effective giving the pleasure of becoming parents event when most paths are closed.

Source – India Today

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