Diet and Nutrition

Department of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics: JINSH

Dietetics is the branch of science that deals with dietary care and how it affects our body. A good balanced diet can prevent us from various diseases and helpful in curing medical issues. A registered dietician is trained in human nutrition and diet regulation. They are expert in evaluating, diagnosing, and treating nutritional disorders or deficiencies.

Scope of services

OPD Clinic:

At JINSH’S Clinical Dietetics Department, we counsel patients and prepare individual diet charts with detailed instructions for them to follow. Our Diet Clinic plans the diets according to the patient’s medical, social, and physiological condition. We provide different types of diets like chronic disease diet, weight management diet, diabetes management diet, hypertension, lungs diseases, and any other medical issues that the body faces.

We work on lifestyle disorders; we don’t believe in fad diets or crash diets! We believe that it’s not just dietary care, it’s lifestyle management, a holistic approach, so that a person can enjoy long and healthy life.


The department provides normal, modified and therapeutic diets to all the in-patients depending on their respective disease conditions in consultation with the treating physician of the patient. Dieticians take extensive ward rounds and assess the patient’s requirements. Detailed diet history of the patients is taken, biochemical parameters are evaluated and nutritional assessment is done. Diet modification is done for the patients in case of some food allergies or to prevent food drug interactions. The patients’ compliance with the diet is evaluated and changes are made if necessary.

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