Nurture Highlights

Highly quailed & experienced team of doctors (obstetricians, fetal medicine experts, geneticists, pediatricians, anesthesiologist) yoga trainers, counselors, US trained birth educators) all under one roof. Lamaze Programme to facilitate vaginal delivery

  1. Scientifically proven method to facilitate in normal vaginal delivery
  2. Improve your chances of vaginal delivery by knowing various pelvic exercises & using them during labour.
  3. It also aim to allay your fears & apprehension regarding labour so as to have a positive birthing experience

Yoga and Antenatal Exercises 

From one of the best experts of the region along with a physical therapist again to increase your chances of normal vaginal delivery and avoid backaches, cramps and other such problems. We shall personalise these exercises in the form of a curriculum depending upon your time schedule and your body and prepare you fully to take care of your child.

Special Sessions

Special sessions with dietician, skin specialist, pediatrician and anesthesiologist for a wholesome experience and clear all your doubts and apprehensions before your delivery.

Child Care Session

Learn to handle your little one with the help of our experts, special sessions include art of breastfeeding, baby massage, baby bath, how to handle a cry & colicky baby of much more. Know about baby utilities too.

Conscious Fathering

In India, child rearing is still considered a females job. Let’s step out of this and be a role father who are ready to participate and enjoy the fatherhood like never before.

Postpartum Programme

We do not leave you just after delivery but the programme involves sessions regarding getting back to shape, work and baby adjustments, conscious fathering and preparing for the next pregnancy.

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